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3 - 4 - 50

3 behaviors

Poor diet - Physical inactivity - Smoking

4 chronic diseases

Cancer - Heart disease/stroke - Asthma/COPD - Diabetes

50% of deaths


Chronic diseases are now the major cause of death and disability worldwide, having surpassed infectious diseases and injuries. Three behaviors (Poor Diet, Physical Inactivity, Smoking) contribute to four chronic diseases (Cancer, Heart Disease/Stroke, Asthma/COPD, Diabetes) that cause over 50% of all deaths worldwide, a concept known as 3-4-50.

In 2007 within San Diego County, the 3-4-50 diseases caused 57% of deaths and cost $4 billion in direct treatment.

This website contains data made possible by the California Healthcare Foundation, CHCF's Free the Data Initiative, San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, and Live Well San Diego. Visitors are welcome to explore the health of San Diego and all the regions within it.

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